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Yangshuo – last stop in China

Yangshuo’s surrounding landscape is beautiful but the town is one big tourist trap. When I arrived I was shocked by how touristy it was. I spent the bus ride from Guilin to Yangshuo talking to a guy from Chile. He

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Tiger Leaping Gorge hike and Old Town Lijiang

Lijiang has an old town that is only a few years old. It is a small old town only accessible on foot with lots of narrow streets and canals. These are lined with souvenir shops and food stalls as usual.

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Lugu Lake 2600m above sea level

How a 7 hour bus ride turns into a 11 hour bus ride and why it was worth the wait – read on. Sleep deprieved from the night train I arrived in Xicheng 7am. No English signs, no buses to

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Pandas in Chengdu

In Chengdu I stayed at FlipFlop Hostel, which is part of two other hostels and has just opened it’s doors three month ago. I arrived on Saturday afternoon and got invited to play Mahjong. As I already knew how to

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Xi’an city and famous Terracotta Army

Trusting your phone’s GPS signal could send you on an unwanted sightseeing detour as happened to me when I arrived in Xi’an. It is not a very big city and finding your way around is simple. Eventually I checked-in at

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Hangzhou and it’s beautiful lake and parks

Hangzhou is relatively close to Shanghai and is a very beautiful green city with a big lake and many forests. I took a fast train to Hangzhou, wich took about two hours to get there. However what I didn’t know

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Shanghai for the Skyline

Shanghai a busy, vibrant and westener city that might just not cut it because of the smog, noise, scams and unfriendly people. I did like Shanghai otherwise I would have not stayed for a week there. When I arrived at

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南京 Nanjing the former Southern Capital

Nanjing used to be the Chinese capital hence it’s name 南 = South 京 = Capital. Nanjing has around the same population as Switzerland. It is a boomingtown that tries to compete with Shanghai. Nanjing is greener with it’s many

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Climbing Mount Tai in Taishan

On the 1 May at 11pm I set of to climb Mount Tai with a Chinese couple I have met in the Hostel. We had 1300 Meters in height difference to climb. After around 4 hours we have reached the

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Qingdao Beach and Beer

Qingdao is known for it’s beaches and the Tsingtao beer. I took a high-speed train from Beijing to Qingdao. Top speed was 301km/h with an average speed of 170km/h. On the train I have met two Chinese girls and we

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