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Route in China

Here is my rough plan for China. Beijing Qingdao Taian Nanjing Shanghai Xi’an Chengdu Changdong Dali Guilin Hong Kong

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London to Singapore by train – my trip mapped out on Tripline

Today I have setup an account on Tripline to better map out my trip. See the embedded trip below. A few details for you: 29 planed places 16 countries over 18’000 km long journey

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The most important thing when travelling is staying healthy. Pretty much the worst thing that can happen on a trip is to get ill where there is only little medical help readily available. This post will mainly discuss what vaccination

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Travel Gear

One of the most important aspects of travel planning is no doubt packing the right gear. I try to take gear on my trip that I already own, however for this trip I needed to buy a few things. This

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Visa for Russia, Mongolia and China

Visiting other countries or obtaining visas hasn’t been on my radar during my past travels as I have always went to places where I was granted a visa-on-arrival or didn’t need one. This is quite different for my train travel

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Trip Idea – London to Singapore by Train

First there was a vision and now there is an idea. More precise I know where and how I want to travel this year. In order to document my planning and my trip I have set up this Blog for

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