Perhentian Islands

Wow, first time snorkling for me and this on beautiful, picturesque Perhentian Islands it couldn’t get any better. But let’s start with the promissed story about the bus ride first.

We left Penang around ten at night by minivan. There were only the two of us at first but the grumpy driver insisted we sit in the far back – just making sure we get the most out of the bumps. Five minutes later we stoped for maybe two hours in front of a random closed shop, we didn’t know what’s happening until we saw a Malayan family leaving the house. So five kids and some parents joined us and we were off. The driver seemed to be an aspiring F1 driver, he was great at taking over four cars in a row in corners and speeding behond payable fine. We were both releaved to be still alive at four in the morning when we arrived in Kota Besut. There we slept on the wooden benches to wait for the ferry at eight. Lucky enough the speed boat to Kecil left on time. Now to the great Perhentian Islands and my stay on Long Beach.

The Perhentian Islands are on the west coast of northern Malaysia close to Kota Besut. Many travellers I have met on the way recommend to go there. I stayed on Long Beach, which is on the smaller of the two islands. It is a beautiful place, nice sandy beaches, clear sea, stunning corals and fish nearby, little hills to walk up and parties at night. I got there early and was lucky to find accommodation straight-away. Many other late arrivals have had a hard time finding a bed.

On the first day I kicked back and relaxed on the beach, enjoying the sun and breeze on the island. The next day I was up for my first snorkling ever and I loved it. Started at eleven and set out on boat to the first of five snorkling spots. Not everyone of the ten people on board had done snorkling before so we were excited and full of energy to see how it is. The first stop was crowded with people that followed a swimming turtle, we joined in and did the same. Took me some time though getting used to the breathing. Second stop was brilliant, this is were the main picture above was taken, we have seen so many fish. Really good fun. My favourit place is Coralgarden, it was the last stop in the afternoon. For me the best on Perhentian Islands for snorkling. I just floated on the water with my head tilted down in the water and it felt like an entire different world down there. Fish going about their things and endless corals presenting themselves. I got so carried away that I was back on the boat far too late.

In the evening we went for some food and enjoyed the fire shows and party. Already the next day I had to move on to Kota Bharu.




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