London to Singapore by Train is an around the world travel adventure that came to be from a simple idea. The idea was to find the longest possible train journey. At the time the idea was born I only considered Europe and hence a long route was from London to Moscow. This can be done in around 40 hours without many interchanges. Of course this could be greatly extended and more stops on the way incorporated to see cities and people along the way. I discovered that it is actually possible to travel all the way from London to Singapore by Train with one small exception- Cambodia. The idea was born and the planning started.

The route I took looks something like the map below.

When I set off I couldn’t even imagine what I am going to see. It was an amazing experience with lots of different sights, people, cultures, food and so much more. I had a blast and can recommend anyone to do the same. The hardest bit is taking the decision and actually go on the trip. Once you are on the road you’ll discover that people are generally very friendly and helpful whether you are sharing a platzkart compartment on the Trans-Siberian Railway or sitting on a high-speed train in China.

China was definitely one of my favorite countries as I spent nearly two months there. China has so much to offer and it is hard to see “all” of it. Here is a collection of short video clips from China.